Climbing to Hell, first scenario for Storm of Steel

The first scenario for the Storm of Steel role-playing game, Climbing to Hell, is available at Drivethru as a pay-what-you-want download.

On this occasion, the players assume the role of US Army Rangers in one of the most famous and daring missions of D-Day: the assault on the Pointe du Huc battery.

This episode of the war is well suited to the actions of a small team of soldiers, with at the same time providing the feeling of being part of something bigger. The rangers were told not to wait for orders, to keep on with their assault and act on their own initiative.

To accomplish their mission, the Rangers followed intense training exercises prior to the landing, and were provided with ample support from the Allied fleet’s guns. Still, the enemy offered a tenacious resistance that put the Rangers in serious trouble.

I used the following references to prepare the scenario:

  • Steven Zaloga, El Día D (I): la playa Omaha. Osprey Publishing, 2003. Spanish translation by Eloy Carbós.
  • The German 15th Army at the Atlantikwall. Units – Strongpoints – Bunkers – History.
  • Pointe du Hoe, in Small Unit Actions. Center of Military History, United States Army.